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The dry toilet technology has progressed rapidly in recent years and the ecological toilets offer now a technically and economically feasible alternative to the conventional sanitation systems.

The technical solutions available today lend themselves to a wide range of different applications in a number of sectors.



There are several types of dry toilets based on different excreta treatment processes that all aim to guarantee that excreta may be handled and disposed of safely and so that it does not contaminate the environment. The most common types are the composting toilets and the desiccating or dehydrating toilets. However, other processes such as incineration and even freezing are used in some dry toilets. The characteristics of the installation site and the user profile must be taken into consideration when determining the most suitable toilet system for a particular application.  


The dry toilet system must be measured according to the number of users and the available space. In compact models, the container for excreta is integrated into the toilet seat. The installation of compact toilets is usually straightforward, but the sanitation process must often be completed externally, for instance in a composter. The high-capacity models require more space but have the advantage that the excreta can be converted into inoffensive resources within the same system.


Depending on the toilet type, the excreta are collected in one common tank, or the urine is diverted by a specially designed toilet seat to a specific tank, allowing for a more convenient storage and use of urine as a fertilizer.




Dry toilets can be installed almost anywhere, both outdoors and indoors. There are models that easily adapt to existing spaces and can be installed as part of a renovation project. Some toilet models, especially the high-capacity systems, require some extra space, usually below the bathroom, and are therefore more suited to new building projects or sites where enough space is available for the complete system


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