SANESECO provides training courses addressed to both the public and the private sector.

The training covers the basic concepts of dry sanitation, including practical case studies from each application field (nature reserves, tourism, sustainable buildings, temporary installations, etc.)

The duration and the contents of the courses are tailored according to the professional interests of the participants and the objectives of the training, ranging from an introduction to the concept of dry sanitation, to sector-specific workshops aimed, for instance, to train experts with sufficient knowledge for independent implementation of dry toilet systems.

Technical Assistance

In SANESECO we can answer any doubts or questions regarding the implementation of dry toilets, whether in a private home, a public building, a nature reserve or a temporary installation.:



Which dry toilet system is best for my case and how much capacity do I need?


What auxiliary installations does the dry toilet require?


Which laws and regulations apply to the installation of dry toilets?


How can I use the toilet resources?

Furthermore, we can take care of the project coordination, including the design phase, supply of equipment, installation, and finally the training for the correct use and maintenance of the system.

Consulting projects

In SANESECO, we can quantify the potential benefits derived from the installation of a dry toilet system, including the water and power savings and the total cost savings over the lifetime of the system, including installation, use, and maintenance.

A feasibility study for the implementation of a dry toilet system typically comprises the following steps:

Diagnosis of the current situation


Study of the alternatives and a comparison of the advantages and disadvantages from technical, economic, environmental and social points of view


Selection of the best alternative and the elaboration of an implementation plan

SANESECO carries out R+D projects in collaboration with universities and other research organizations.

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