Solutions for households, businesses and public places

Dry toilets are suitable for a variety of contexts, from ecological buildings to natural parks.

Modern dry toilets are comfortable, odor-free and safe to use and maintain

Eco-toilets can be installed in places without water supply, electricity or sewage networks

Fields of Application

We offer advanced dry toilet solutions for private households, businesses and municipalities in Spain, with a positive impact on people and the environment.

Examples of application areas:

Private Grounds

Private gardens, backyards, vacation homes, pool-areas.


Allotments, urban farming, plant nurseries, commercial horticulture. 

Natural Parks

Information centers, shelters and car-parks in protected areas.

Education Facilities

Forest schools, vocational training centers, eco-retreats.

Parks and Sports Facilities

Centers for outdoor activities, sports courts, picnic areas.

Beaches and Urban Areas

Beach bars, plazas and urban parks.

Camping and Glamping

Campsites, temporary and permanent glamping structures, eco-resorts.

Ecological Buildings

Private homes, eco-hotels, park offices and information centers.

Tailor-made Solutions

We can find the right solution for your specific needs.


Water Saving  

Dry toilets don’t need to be flushed and this significantly reduces water use. Furthermore, in buildings it allows for the recycling of greywater.


Easy Installation

Dry toilets are easy to install as they don’t need to be connected to the water supply, power-grid or sewage network.


Access to Public Toilets

Dry toilets can be installed in Naturals Parks, beaches and other places where a flush toilet is not an option, making these places more inclusive and accessible for everyone.



Environmental Protection

Waterless toilets don’t produce sewage and don’t pollute waterways or the groundwater. Organic material is transformed into safe soil fertilizer through natural processes such as composting, without any toxic chemicals.

Our Services

We offer integral services in the field of ecological sanitation and waterless toilets. We can take care of all the project stages, including preliminary studies, design, equipment supply, manufacturing, installation and maintenance.


We offer you the most advanced dry toilet solutions for both outdoor spaces and indoors. We can supply fully equipped toilet modules or we can integrate our systems into new or existing buildings.


We manufacture wooden dry toilet buildings in our workshop in Barcelona, ​​applying criteria of eco-design and social economy.

Thanks to carefully designed details, our toilets are comfortable to use and easy to maintain. 


We can take care of the maintenance or we can train your staff to do it.

With our equipment and systems, the installations can be used and maintained safely without sanitary risks.


We help to find the solution that adapts to the unique characteristics of your project, focusing on the users’ needs and the sustainability. More information: Reference list of international projects.

Training and Teaching

We organize practical and theoretical workshops on dry toilets. We collaborate with universities and other education institutions to offer lectures and tutoring on subjects such as ecological sanitation, nutrient recycling and sustainable water use.



We work together with companies, public entities and research centers to develop new technologies for ecosan, water saving and nutrient recycling.

Do you want to know more about our services?

Technical Solutions

WseC Toilets

  • We offer a range of ecological toilet buildings manufactured in our workshop in Barcelona.
  • Our toilets are the perfect solution to guarantee access to sanitary services in outdoor spaces.
  • They are comfortable, do not require connection to water, sewage or power networks and can be implemented in a wide variety of locations.
  • We manufacture models that are adapted for people with reduced mobility.

Green Toilet

  • Green Toilet is a flexible, all-terrain system, ideal for installations with low or moderate use in private gardens, allotments, campsites, eco-retreats and other outdoor spaces.
  • Green Toilet bins can be combined with our WseC toilet buildings or integrated into other structures. More information


  • With the aim of providing the best solutions for spaces with intensive public use, we collaborate with Sanisphere, the leading company in the dry toilet sector in France. 
  • Sanisphere has more than 30 years of experience installing ecological toilets in the most demanding locations.

Custom Solutions

  • Our team of experts studies each case in detail to offer the best dry toilet solutions, adapted to the project needs.
  • To guarantee an optimal result, we take into account the location, the type of public, the intensity of use and other parameters that make each installation special.

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