What is Dry Sanitation?

Dry sanitation is based on the use of ecological toilets that do not use potable water for flushing away excreta, and therefore do not require complex sewage treatment systems.

Feces and urine are converted into fertilizers and soil amendments by natural processes such as composting. The final products can be applied in the garden and they are harmless to human health as well as to the environment.

Dry toilets offer several benefits both to the environment and the owner of the toilet system: conservation of water and other natural resources, pollution prevention, nutrient recycling, ease of installation, etc.



Modular training courses designed to meet the needs of each client in both content and duration.


Preliminary studies, technical assistance and project coordination for the installation of dry toilets.


Viability studies, Research and Development, and other specialty projects.

SANESECO contributes to the normalization of the concept of Dry Sanitation in Spain, by providing technical training and advisory services and carrying out consulting projects, tailored to meet the individual needs of each client.

The Right Solution for Every Application

The dry toilet technology has progressed considerably in recent years and ecological toilets are now a technically and economically viable option for sanitation.

There are technical solutions for every situation:


The system capacities range from compact models, ideal for second homes, to high capacity systems that can be used in public buildings or green spaces receiving a large number of visitors.


The dry toilets can be installed outdoors or indoors, in both new and reformed buildings, often without any major works.


The excreta treatment principle should be selected depending on the place of installation and the user profile. The most common processes are composting and desiccation, but there are other alternatives, such as incineration.

Application Fields


Interpretation centers, picnic sites, mountain huts, etc.


Camping sites, country hotels, holiday camp facilities, etc.


Residential buildings, offices, public buildings, historic sites, etc.


Construction sites, music festivals, and other events

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